The EasySave Family

Since its launch, EasySave has been an essential link for thousands of users by providing a conduit for businesses and individuals to transmit news locally, network, buy/sell and just stay connected. Our mission is to continue to develop by adding more services and technologies. With the increasing number of over priced and unreliable platforms out there, it’s hard for persons to find services that are both useful and affordable. We offer users a better alternative.

Despite our diversity and wide reach, the success of EasySave is still beholden to one major factor: our close, collaborative relationship with the users that we serve. We understand that much of the value we bring to our members is incumbent upon our usefulness and service. It is a privilege to serve the community.

About Our Classifieds

It's certainly the best place for users to buy, sell, trade and search hundreds of products and services being listed everyday.

Our classifieds community is easy to use and helps persons find whatever they’re looking for. Every connection made or item found makes a major difference by creating a community where persons share more and waste less. With our Express ad posting feature, persons can post their items without registering.

How does it work? - Simply enter your email address, your ad description, a few photos and hit the submit button, that’s it!

About the Easy Reward Card:

Persons can register for the free EasySave card at any of the participating locations island-wide.

Start earning points and redeem awesome rewards! Better yet, you can track your points, transaction history and rewards being offered all on our website.

About our Reward Program:

EasySave provides local retailers with the tools needed to run a turn-key Rewards Program. You can manage & retain customers, boost brand reputation, Increase sales and lots more. It's convenient, easy to use and proven to bring customers back again and again. We believe that customers are worth more than just a simple transaction. Find out more here.

About our Weekly Ads:

For viewers, we display all of the latest ads that are found in local newspapers, websites and social media for you to view anytime, anywhere. Always stay current; never worry about missing out again!

For businesses, it’s a central place to advertise their sales, events, job opportunities, public notices and movies to thousands of online audience passing through each day. Find out more about the weekly ads platform here.